Decor Crete Inc.
in business over 35 years...

President: Ivan Janowsky    (440) 232-8455
Manager: Mark Kotowski    (216) 409-1505

We install decorative all-concrete driveways, parking lots, patios, pool decks, commercial floors. Basically, any flatwork of any type can be Colored or Stained.

We also can install, reinforce and repair decorative retaining walls. 

We specialize in
Decorative Concrete                   
Stamped Patios
Stamped Driveways
Stamped Walkways
Stamped Porches
Stamped Rooms
Stamped Firepits
Stamped Overlays 

Techniques used include: acid stained-concrete, water base and acetone staining, acryllic, polyurathane and epoxy coatings.

Our Methods  (coming soon)
Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Step Four

Step Five

Our Finished Product